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  • December 22, 2020

At tooshies we’re on a mission to create practical, planet-friendly options for parents. Our original baby wipes were developed with a baby’s delicate skin in mind, and our new pure water wipes take this gentle formulation one step further with a pure, medical-grade water base and even fewer ingredients — ideal for extra-sensitive newborn skin. 


Not sure which wipe is best for your baby? Water wipes are perfect for newborn babies or those with extra sensitive skin which irritates easily. As a parent, you’ll prefer water wipes if you like simple ingredients and a fragrance-free option. Our aloe and chamomile wipes are also great for all babies and contain ingredients that naturally nourish and moisturise, with a hint of rose geranium essential oil for a natural aroma. 

We asked our resident midwife Erin Gregory, and tooshies by TOM Product Development Director Amber Maloney, to answer a few common questions about water wipes.


Erin: Most hospitals will supply cotton wipes to be used with water for nappy changes — even for more vulnerable newborns in NICU or SCN. A water wipe replicates this experience, once you leave the hospital. I encourage new parents to honor the precious and delicate skin of their newborn from the very beginning, giving careful consideration to the topical creams, soaps and shampoos they use. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and our little ones have a protective barrier (known as a vernix) that protects their skin as they adapt to their external world. Take the opportunity to leave this barrier intact and avoid products with petrochemicals or fragrances — the longer you can keep things simple, the better. No need to introduce much more than water to that precious newborn skin.

(Erin’s tip: Clean inside the palm of your baby’s hand regularly. Their grasp reflex means they spend much of their day with a closed fist.)

Amber: The skin of a newborn baby can be very sensitive, and prone to rashes and irritations. Water wipes are perfect for newborn babies or infants with very sensitive skin or who are prone to nappy rash. Our aloe and chamomile wipes are also great for all babies and contain ingredients that naturally nourish and moisturise, but we’ve found that some parents prefer water wipes on newborns because of the extra gentle ingredients. They feel more familiar with this after using water and washcloths in the hospital.




Erin: Yes, you can. There can be many reasons your baby has extra sensitive skin. While you work to figure out the cause, find a balance between keeping their bottom clean and allowing their skin to heal. This is where tooshies water wipes come in handy — they’re made from pure water and not much else, with a gentle texture to maximise each wipe, and are big enough to do their whole bottom. In conjunction, you could also introduce a barrier cream (I use a natural concoction from our local compound pharmacist) to help nurture the healing on your baby’s bottom.

When your little one has irritated skin, changing their nappy too frequently can disrupt the healing process, by wiping away new and healthy skin cells. If your baby doesn’t have a dirty nappy and they are settled and happy, don’t feel pressure to change them more frequently because they have a nappy rash.




Erin: Definitely. In the days and weeks after you birth your baby, your vaginal blood loss can be a little unpredictable. Your body is healing (vaginally or because of the caesarian section) and new demands on your time and the opportunity to enjoy a long, relaxing shower fleeting. I would encourage postnatal women to keep a packet of water wipes (as well as a good supply of TOM Maternity Pads) handy in the bathroom for when you don’t have the opportunity to jump in shower, but wish you could. As a new mum, I’d use wipes to freshen up my face, underarms, between maternity pad changes and to clean off milk vomits from my shoulders.



Our plastic-free, 99.4% pure water wipes.

Answered by product director, Amber.


CAN WATER WIPES CLEAN UP MESSES?:  Yes! Our uniquely textured wipe helps grip even the toughest messes for an easy clean. The formulation also includes a super gentle cleanser to keep your baby clean.


CAN YOU FLUSH WATER WIPES?: No baby wipes, including water wipes, should ever be flushed — not even biodegradable ones — because they can cause blockages in the sewage system. Always dispose of your baby wipes in the rubbish bin, or green waste.


DO WATER WIPES EXPIRE?: Water wipes have a three-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing, and this is indicated on the packet.


WHAT’S THE SHELF-LIFE OF WATER WIPES ONCE A PACK IS OPENED?: Water wipes should be used within three months of opening. Ensure that the lid is closed securely after every use and they are stored in a temperate environment (below 25C).


MY WATER WIPES FEEL A BIT DRY? IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO ABOUT THIS?: Biodegradable wipes can sometimes dry out more quickly than plastic-based wipes. This is because the viscose continues to absorb water, especially in warm environments. Our resealable lid should keep your wipes moist enough for the time it takes you to finish a pack. If the lid has been left open and the wipes have dried out we recommend disposing of the pack and replacing with a fresh one.


ARE WATER WIPES ANTIBACTERIAL?: Water wipes are not an antibacterial wipe, but the preservative system inhibits the growth of bacteria in the packet.


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Have other questions? Check out our Wipes FAQs or email us at hello@tomorganic.com.au

Erin Gregory is tooshies’ resident midwife expert and the founder of kinsho, a childbirth education platform that empowers birthing mothers and partners to create positive, joyful outcomes.

Amber Maloney is the TOM Organic and tooshies by TOM product development director.