This season we’re doing a TOM Organic call to arms. We’re asking you to question the quality and impact of your period care.

As part of this mission we’re asking some of the most-informed and inspiring women in our community to help educate us on all aspects of period care. From understanding the four phases of your cycle and mood-boosting recipes, to easy sustainable switches to make at home. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and social channels for these masterclasses.

We’re wanting to ask this key question: is your cycle a conscious one? Let us explain why it should be so you can know, feel, and see the TOM Organic difference.



All of our products are thoughtfully created using organic cotton and biodegradable materials. They’re also free from harsh chemicals, chlorine, bleach, fragrance and pesticides.

Knowing the difference means many things to us as a brand. It means knowing what you’re placing inside of your body. It’s being transparent about our products: what goes into them, where they’re made and how they’re made. Sustainability is something that’s been part of our DNA since day one.


Naturally powerful, comfortable and sustainable. That’s our menstruation mantra.

Feeling the difference means the best materials, fit and experience. Our tampons, pads, liners and underwear are made with soft and breathable organic cotton and our period cups are crafted from 100% medical grade silicone.

We’re constantly evolving to ensure the time of the month can be improved. For example, our period cup also comes with a first-of-its-kind steriliser container to make life easier. We’re about game-changing innovation for a better period.


It still shocks us everytime we write this statement: it’s estimated that a woman will use a staggering 12000 to 15000 tampons and pads in their lifetime that end up in landfill. That adds up to a whole lot of personal waste, and so many reasons to make a change.

We’re here to empower you to make more sustainable choices. All of our tampons, pads and liners are made with biodegradable materials.

Our period briefs are gentle on the planet in that they can be washed and worn again (and again). Incredibly, the lifespan of the period cup is five years.

Every small change makes a big impact.

Be the difference with TOM Organic.