Jun 24, 2020


We offer a full range of sustainable period products at TOM, so you can find the right product for your individual cycle without compromising health, performance, and the planet.


Giving people products that are a beautiful choice and inspire a positive impact is our core mission here at TOM Organic. It’s what drove our founder Aimee Marks to first develop pure and reliable organic tampons and pads, and it’s why we continually invest in developing and evolving the products we make.

Our periods are intimate, personal and unique to us. They are not just something that happens to us, they are part of our shared and individual experience of menstruating. 

We believe everyone should be able to make period care choices that work best for their health, performance and values – without compromising one in favour of the others. We also believe that in order for people to make sustainable health and environment choices, they need to be provided with better options.

Whether you’re keen to integrate more reusable period products into your routine or want to try out a new product for your period, we’re proud to be the only Australian brand offering a full range of conscious menstrual care options, supporting every person and their cycle.


Find the perfect period product mix for every cycle

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Our single-ingredient, 100% ACO certified organic cotton tampons are the genesis product of TOM Organic. Our founding philosophy that people shouldn’t have to compromise their health or that of the planet means that all of our biodegradable products: pads, tampons, applicator tampons and liners are made with certified organic cotton and sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients like mater-bi bioplastic and sustainably harvested cellulose. Developed with your health, and the environment in mind, our biodegradable range is naturally free from the synthetics, plastics, chlorine and dioxin bleach that are commonly found in conventional period products.

Learn more and shop our biodegradable tampons, pads and liners here. 



Period Cups are popular eco-friendly period products, but when it came to creating our own at TOM, we saw it as an opportunity to solve some problems rather than simply replicating what was already in the marketplace.

Our Period Cup is made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone, designed and made in Melbourne with zero silicone offcut waste. The cup features internal ridges and unique finger grips to help you get the cup in and out easily, and comes with its own steriliser case so with a bit of water you sterilise the cup in the microwave in 60 seconds, no awkward stove-top boiling required. 

Using a period cup is a great solution for those who might be wanting to make their period more eco friendly, want to have a period free of pads, tampons or liners. Our Period Cup lasts up to five years and can be worn for eight hours, making it a safe and cost-effective period care option. The cup comes in two sizes – the size you choose is mostly dependent on your pelvic floor strength, not your flow. Size 1 is most suited to women under 30 or women who haven’t had children and Size 2 best for those who have had children or are over 30.

Learn more about the TOM Organic Period Cup here.



We had a long list of requirements for our first period brief – it needed to fit well, include layers of protection for performance, and use components that were good for the skin and for the planet. 

Made from Organic Cotton, our Period Brief is made with four layers to keep you dry, fresh and clean. The Period Brief comes in 2XS – 3XL (Australian sizes 6 to 20) to cater for a range of bodies. 

We want women to be able to try this innovation in period care, so offering the brief at an accessible price point was crucial. Our Period Brief costs A $15, but we haven’t compromised on quality, material or production to achieve this – we just don’t feel the need to mark it up. 

The Period Brief is another great eco-friendly product for your period and works well as part of a combo with other products. Like the Period Cup, some of our team use it in conjunction with other products, as backup for a tampon on heavier days or just before their cycle begins. 

Learn more about the TOM Organic Period Brief here.