We're on a mission to normalise the conversation around periods.

Five women talk openly about their menstrual cycles with us and their personal journeys into conscious period care. Through their stories, we hope you can find yours.


Elyse Knowles is an Australian model, entrepreneur, author and sustainability advocate. Recently relocating from Melbourne to Byron Bay, she’s a free spirit at heart and cares deeply about health and wellness and finding time to spend amongst nature. For Elyse, using organic period care is about consciously thinking about what she puts inside her body and taking care of herself from the inside out.

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“I choose TOM Organic because I really wanted to care for my body from the inside out.”



A pioneer of Women’s Football in Australia, Daisy Pearce is an athlete, mother and practising mid-wife. Recently celebrating the wonderful arrival of twins with her partner, Daisy is balancing motherhood with her professional training schedule. Health and wellbeing is a key requirement to managing her many roles. Daisy started to take more care with her chice of period products as she grew in maturity and realised the links between period care and overall health.

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“I choose TOM organic because it's Australian. Thats a big one.”



Nikki Van Dyjk is a professional surfer, hailing from the beaches of Phillip Island, Victoria. Fostered through a deep connection with the ocean and nature, Nikki is a hugely passionate about looking after our earth and living a plant-based sustainable lifestyle. It’s was a no-brainer for Nikki top switch to sustainable and organic period care once she became aware it was an option. Being conscious about what she puts inside her body, whether it’s the foods she eats or the products she uses, is Nikki’s way of caring for her health, and leaving less impact on the environment.

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"It’s so important to open up this conversation around periods and feel open to be able to speak about it with others."



A passionate and driven CEO, Merissa Forsyth is our Pitch For Purpose grant winner and the founder of Pretty Foundation, a not-for-profit aiming to empower women and girls to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others. For Merissa, switching to organic period care was about taking a little extra care for her body once a month and supporting an Australian brand that champions womens health.

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"I choose TOM Organic because I know that they’re quality products and I know that I don’t need to compromise on performance. "



Hannah is a mother of one and owner and founder of Sunday Living, a store selling sustainable, plant-based baby linens. Shocked to hear about the harsh ingredients that period products can contain, Hannah did her research to find an organic alternative and has never looked back. For her, its important that the products she buys support her health and the health of her family, which sits hand-in-hand with the health of our planet.

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"After some serious health scares, I chose to overhaul my lifestyle and chose to use only organic and natural products."