What underwear is good for my vagina?

  • Lifestyle
  • November 4, 2021

Cut, colour, style… When you’re shopping for new underwear, the wellbeing of your sensitive parts might not be a top priority.

This brings us to a very important question – how do we choose underwear that not only looks good but is also good for our vagina? Obviously, we want them to feel comfortable, which means being soft, breathable and not too tight, and this comes down to the fabric. Choosing the right material is the most important thing to consider in a new pair of underwear, for both personal comfort and the health of your vagina.

Generally, synthetic materials like spandex, polyester and nylon trap moisture, leading to excess heat and dampness that yeast infections thrive on. Cotton (or better yet, organic cotton), on the other hand, wicks away moisture and allows skin to breathe, making it the best choice for optimal vaginal health. Our Period Briefs, for example, are made from soft and breathable organic cotton to help to keep your vagina healthy during your cycle.

Organic cotton vs regular cotton

While they might look the same, the differences between organic cotton vs regular cotton are considerable – not only from a personal health perspective, but also the impacts they have on the environment. Conventional cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world and is often harvested using harsh chemicals that strip the leaves from the plants. Additionally, cotton goes through an oxygen cleansing process to purify the chemicals from the cotton, which is then chemically bleached.

Organic cotton, on the other hand, is grown and harvested naturally. It relies on the ideal altitude, rainfall and temperature to keep insects away and help strip the leaves from the cotton plants for harvest. Organic certification goes through rigorous testing to comply with the Australian Certified Organic Standard, and a certification logo is the only way consumers can be sure that a product is truly organic.

Not only is organic cotton better for our vagina and our overall health, it is also better for the planet. Organic cotton equals less pesticides and in turn less soil and water pollution, which is better for the people growing it, better for your health, and better for our ecosystems.

How our bodies benefit from organic cotton

If you’ve made the choice to prioritise the health of your vagina by wearing organic cotton underwear, why not treat the rest of your body with the same care by sleeping with organic cotton bedding? Much like your underwear, sheets come into close contact with your skin for long periods of time, and many contain toxins and chemicals that can be harmful to your health. The fresh and dry feeling that organic cotton underwear offers through the day extends to bedding through the night – and who doesn’t want to wake up feeling fresh?

The hours we spend in bed gives the body the opportunity to rest and repair, and choosing organic cotton is the first step in creating a healthier sleep environment to optimise this restorative time. It’s where we spend a third of our lives, after all! Our friends at Sheet Society know a thing or two about the benefits of organic cotton sheets and have shared a few tips on how organic cotton is better for you, your sleep, and the environment.

“Compounding the environmental benefits of organic cotton, this natural fibre is beautifully breathable, durable, and soft on the skin,” says Sheet Society’s founder Hayley Worley, whose range of organic cotton sheets are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified. “It’s especially great for people with chemical sensitivity or those who are allergy-prone, reducing the likelihood of itchiness or irritation from other bedding options.” So, while you’re giving your underwear drawer a healthy, eco-friendly update, why not refresh your sheets too?

Better for people and planet

Hayley says there are many benefits to choosing organic cotton over regular or conventional cotton when it comes to bedding, including a better – and healthier – night’s sleep. “I believe that when you make the shift to organic cotton bedding choices, you’re making a healthier sleep choice,” she says. “GOTS-certified organic cotton is ultra-soft to touch, promoting comfier, deeper slumbers that set you up to perform both physically and mentally better during the next day.”

Hayley explains that GOTS-certified organic cotton is grown from non-genetically modified seeds, without the use of fertiliser or pesticides. “Getting down to the nitty-gritty, GOTS is an independent certification that considers every step in the supply chain, from growing and harvesting of the raw materials, through to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and labelling,” she says.

When it comes to choosing underwear that is good for your vagina, and sheets that are good for your health, organic cotton is the gold standard. Not only will it prevent your body from absorbing harmful chemicals and keep you feeling fresh and dry, organic cotton is also a better choice for a good night’s sleep and for the environment. It’s a win-win-win in our eyes!