TOP TEN: The Staple Store

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  • May 24, 2016
Image by: Peppe Ragusa

The Staple Store is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets.

You can find this humble, hidden gem in leafy Ripponlea which was born out of clinical naturopath Catie Gett’s love for food, health and her desire to empower people to own their wellness. The best part is that Catie has made her products accessible with something for everyone and all budgets.

Catie Gett of The Staple Store. Images:

The team at The Staple Store have complied their top 10 staples that we all need.

1 // Pot Porridge

made in-house; our cinnamon-y instant porridge. Just add hot water.

2 // Mock Red hill biodynamic apple cider vinegar

add a spash to your salad with olive oil or a drop in hot water first thing in the morning to assist digestion –  made locally in Red Hill, VIC.

3 // Meru Red Miso

versatile sweet red miso made with biodynamic soybeans from NSW, and ermented in Port Melbourne. Perfect for all your soups, broths and dressings.

4 // Dumbo Feather

food for your brain.

5 // Planet Luxe Dish Wash

keep chemicals off your plates! Locally made and they really work.

6 // ‘Not so dahl’ soup mix

made in house, this is the easiest & tastiest meal maybe in the world. Just add tomatoes and coconut cream.

7 // ‘If I had a tv’ tv mix

indulge in a little in front of your tv/laptop/ cinema screen with this toasty, caramel-y mix.

8 // Cinnamon

eat it with savoury & sweet meals on the daily. Our organic cinnamon might change your life.

9 // TOM Organic Maternity pads

a BIG favourite of new mumma Catie.

10 // Liver detox mix

help out your liver &  your hormones by adding this guy to your smoothies & juices.


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