TOP TEN: Nourished Life

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  • July 18, 2016

Nourished Life is Australia’s leading one-stop shop for toxin-free, all-natural beauty & healthy living products.

After years of battling fatigue, founder Irene Falcone threw away all her mainstream products to “go organic” and she’s never turned back.

Image: Nourished Life

Irene started her business to help other mums make the switch to natural and organic products. She shares her top ten products we need in our make up bag.

1 // Egyptian Magic

This miracle balm is perfect for lips, cuticles, and soothes rashes and spots. A must have for the cooler winter weather.

2 // Weleda Skin Food

Our favourite cream to use an overnight treatment. Slather a thick layer on hands and feet, slip on gloves and socks to wake with unbelievably soft skin.

3 // Coffee Bean Eye Cream

Intensely hydrating, we use this eye cream daily to protect the thin and fragile skin underneath our eyes. We find this helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness! No one needs to know how late you were up…

4 // Dr Alkaitis Treatment Oil

This oil is the ultimate multi-tasker, so rich and luxurious. Generously apply on face, skin, hair, nails, anywhere that needs a little extra nourishment.

5 // Tan Organic Moisturising Dry Oil

I love to use this on my body all over, when the skin is still JUST abit damp after showering, it absorbs so quickly and leaves your skin feeling perfectly moisturised.

6 // 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara

I never leave the house without this mascara, it is my everyday go-to staple. Great for sensitive eyes and easy to remove after use.

7 // 100% Pure BB Cream

and then when I’m feeling like I need a bit more makeup this is my other staple!

8 // Axilla Deodorant

This deodorant is the best deodorant I have ever used, it stands up against the toxic stuff and never stains or smells.

9 // Soapberries

A new Nourished Life fave! These soap berries are an all natural, reusable, compostable laundry detergent is the only way to wash your clothes. Plus even cheaper than laundry detergent.

10 // 100% Pure Intensive Healing Moisture Balm

This is just like the traditional cold creams but all natural and no nasty mineral oils.


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