Taboo — A New Podcast for Every Woman

  • Health
  • March 19, 2020

We’ve all heard of the mind, body, spirit connection, but how well do we know how to read the signs of good health, dis-ease, and finding balance within ourselves?

Hosted by Sarah Davidson, Taboo is a new TOM Organic podcast, and an antidote to feeling alone in your health journey; an insight into the physical, sexual, mental and emotional underpinnings of womanhood that we don’t always talk about enough, but should. Join the conversation and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Help us to take these chats from taboo to topical, and something we all feel comfortable talking about.

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Here’s a preview of season 1:

Manoj Dias: A Compassionate Conversation on COVID-19

As we try our best to adapt our daily way of being amongst the stress and uncertainty COVID-19 has created, the timing was not lost on us in talking to lululemon global meditation ambassador, Manoj Dias.  

In this episode, we open up a conversation with Manoj, co-founder of Australia’s first-ever multidisciplinary meditation studio, A—SPACE that illuminates the stressors and opportunities in this new unknown challenge we’re experiencing as a global community. We discuss how intrinsically connected our health is to one another, the radical reframing of community that is occurring, as well as the heightened need for kindness, compassion, and time away from it all. 


Dr Sarah Hill: Your Brain on Birth Control

It’s a tiny round tablet many of us take every day, sometimes for decades, to prevent pregnancy and regulate our menstrual cycles and hormones. Most of us understand the physiological effects of the female contraceptive pill, but have we ever stopped to think about what effect it has on our brain? Dr Sarah E Hill, an evolutionary social psychologist and author of This Is Your Brain on Birth Control spent many years on the pill, without questioning its impact. This episode will delve into the psychological effects the pill is having on us — good, and bad — so we can better understand our options when it comes to the question of our time, to pill or not to pill? 


Kale Brock: The Benefits of Organic, Natural and Wild

Is kombucha and probiotics helpful or just hype? Is moving to a Blue Zone the best chance of good health we have? In this episode, author, filmmaker and former Totally Wild presenter Kale Brock reveals the health condition that sparked his journey to wellbeing. You’ll hear about what he learned from making his two films, The Gut Movie and The Longevity Movie, and his recipe for a long and happy life, which surprisingly, doesn’t involve a green smoothie. Brock’s approach to living “well” is refreshing, and based on discovery, curiosity and a balanced perspective. As he puts it: “The only health program that works is the one you can keep doing for the rest of your life.”


Dr Amanda Waaldyk:  Your Period, the Fifth Vital Sign

Our menstruation has a direct connection to our overall health, yet we know surprisingly little about it and aren’t taught how to read this vital sign. To learn how to connect with our inner ‘superpower’, we talk to integrative Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr Amanda Waaldyk, of Angea. Amanda talks through the different phases of our cycle and its effect on our body and mind, what healthy menstruation should look like (spoiler alert: a painful period is not normal), and how to “live within our cycle”. 


Juliet Allen: Exploring Sexual Self-esteem

Sexuality and intimacy play a huge role in shaping who we are, and the relationships we have, but it’s something many of us don’t fully explore. One person who’s not shy on the subject is sexologist, Pleasure School founder and host of Authentic Sex, Juliet Allen. The sexologist reveals why we find it so hard to talk about sex, how we can become more open, self-aware and build our sexual confidence, plus the stress hormones that are ruining our libidos. 


Amber Maloney & Brooke Franklin: Balancing profits, performance & planet

Built on the philosophy that women should never have to compromise their health or the planet with the products they choose, working at TOM Organic is truly unique; we’re a team of twenty women who all work flexibly, 63% of whom work part-time.
We’re a business that leads with heart and champions flexible work. In an industry notorious for lacking transparency, we continue to grow because we prioritise it, and are committed to providing women with period products that are better for their health and the planet.
In an episode close to our hearts and daily hustle, Brooke and Amber are transparent in sharing their experience and journeys in leading and evolving with a business where balancing performance, profits and planet is a daily practice.

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