Considering period underwear? What you need to know.

  • The Period Brief
  • July 29, 2021

They’re new, ridiculously-comfy and seriously good for the planet. The rumours are true: period briefs are as versatile as they sound.

Having had only disposable options for so long, we understand there can be some hesitation around embracing reusables. The unknown can be daunting at first, especially when you’ve been wearing tampons and pads for a small eternity.

But our reusable period underwear isn’t here to eclipse your love of the OG disposables stash on that Top Shelf. We’ve created our Mid-Rise and Bikini Cut Period Briefs to wear in tandem with the classic products.

Turns out, there are so many circumstances when briefs can save the day, provide you extra protection (like a period safety net) or help you sleep a little more soundly.

Here, we’ve curated some of the most common FAQs around reusable period undies to get you wearing the pants in your cycle. Let’s go.

Why TOM Organic?

All period briefs are not created equal. We bring 11 years of period care experience to our Mid-Rise period briefs and our new Bikini Cut period briefs. They’ve been designed with you in mind, making sure that they are suitable for anyone who bleeds.

Crafted with breathable 100% organic cotton, the briefs are soft and supple to slip into. The perfect everyday piece, we’ve made sure that the seams are flat to sit under your pants and leggings with no trouble at all.

How do they work?

We’ve got you covered with a four layer protection plan, keeping it breezy on the top and bottom layers with organic cotton. It’s in the middle where the magic happens. The second layer is composed of super absorbent fibres, and the final layer is the crucial leak proof barrier.

What’s the difference between mid-rise and bikini styles?

Our Bikini Cut period briefs can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood, whilst the Mid-Rise period briefs will absorb up to 3 tampons worth. This is shown by some clever vertical lines stitched on the top seam of the undies (so you can easily figure out which is which when rummaging through a top drawer).

How do I wear them?

Both our Mid-Rise Period brief and our Bikini Cut Period Brief can be mixed, matched and layered, to suit your individual cycle and needs.

Mid-Rise briefs are our go to for heavier days, and our Bikini Cut brief is perfect for anything from peace of mind when spotting to days with a moderate flow.

Not into wearing briefs on their own? If you’re ever worried about your tampon or cup leaking, the briefs provide the perfect safety blanket backup. This can alleviate some of the stress felt when trying a cup for the first time, on that first heavy day, or on a day when you have minimal time to do a quick tampon or pad changeover.

When can I wear them?

All day, every day. Our Period Briefs are designed to work for you, and are ready to slip into your period care routine wherever you need them.

They are perfect for day to day use, you can put them on in the morning and go through your day without a care. Come bedtime, they are just snug enough to ensure no leakage, letting you sleep easy.

Worried about the gym? Our briefs are ready to bend and move with you. They are squat-proof.

They’re also perfect for those times you can’t, or just don’t want to, wear tampons. Whatever the reason.

What happens after you wear them?

We get it. It’s a little more involved than what you’re used to, but our briefs can be washed like any of your other go-to undies. We just recommend rinsing them in cold water first, then throw them in your machine with your darks and always line dry. Too easy.

How many pairs do I need?

It really depends on your cycle, how you wear them, and how often you can be bothered to do your laundry. Start with two or three and see how you go. If you’re rocking them solo, we recommend a couple a day to cover you day and night.

How can I find my perfect fit?

Both our Mid-Rise and Bikini Cut period briefs cover 8 sizes to be as inclusive as possible, ranging from XXS to 3XL. If you’re unsure about the best fit for you, you can find your fit here. We ALWAYS recommend sizing up for the comfiest (but snug) feels.