New ideas for girls catchups

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  • February 14, 2017
Image: Roya Ann Miller
Image: Girls on Filmzine

Between work, friends and family commitments, trying to set aside a couple of minutes – let alone hours – for quality catch-ups can prove to be pretty difficult. Here’s our list of innovative ways to hang ten with your girls.

Take a fitness class together

yoga, pilates, spin class or even just a walk in the park.

Do a creative workshop

whether it be a Thai cooking class or floral workshop, or if you want to get daring, a dance class – switch on your creative side!

Run a book club

ignore TV and Instagram and pick up a book instead. Use this as a way to establish common interest with new friends or colleagues too.

Set up your own version of My Kitchen Rules

rotate turns throughout your friendship group to cook a three-course meal together. A great excuse to come together and try out new recipes road-tested only with your dearest girlfriends.

Pamper it up

Get a facial, head to the mineral springs, massage, or a manicure. Or even a home spa party, which is where a trained beautician will treat a group of you to spa and beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Volunteer together

St Kilda Mums is always looking for fresh volunteers – go with one friend, or set up a group and commit a few hours to any charity in need of some people power. If you want some ideas on great female-related charities let me know.

Weekend away / staycation

Without having to take annual leave, enjoy a weekend away. Catering to different budgets, so consider camping, renting a glam home on Airbnb, or even use a family beach house if you have access to one!

Go to the museum or gallery

for an injection of culture. Viktor & Rolf is still showing at the NGV Melbourne, or see the Today Tomorrow Yesterday exhibition at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Go for a long nature walk

We’re talking a proper country stroll that goes on for hours. Mark it out on a map, get your joggers on and take a big bottle of water. The perfect way to talk deep with your friends. Total and utter bliss.

Learn a sport you’ve always thought looked like fun

Kayaking, surfing, golf, paddle boarding, sailing, scuba diving. The fresh air will always do good!

Go to a sporting game

it’s currently free to go to womens AFL Australia-wide. The latest rage!

Plant a garden

Get dirty! Annuals, bulbs, trees, grasses, food-producing plants (tomatoes and zucchini), whatever you choose. You’ll enjoy the result and you’ll feel good about what you’ve produced. Some communities give out free trees to their residents. Check out gumtree for cheapies and freebies too!