Introducing our TOM Organic Ambassador, Laura Henshaw

  • Lifestyle
  • July 16, 2021

Like finding the right period supplies to work with your cycle, we took the hunt for an aligned and almighty brand ambassador very personally.

A fiercely passionate advocate for diversity and women’s wellness, Laura Henshaw is a beacon of authenticity and self-cultivation. There’s something inarticulable about her charm.

Laura exudes a special kind of sunlight, imploring us all to love our bodies a little better. Whether it’s through bouts of feel-good, daily movement on Keep It Cleaner, or taking downtime to nourish our minds, she’s someone a lot of us can rely on for a ‘lift’ (without ever having met her). 

We are so thrilled to announce her as our 2021 ambassador, to coincide with the release of our ultra-comfy, day-to-night Bikini Cut Period Briefs. These new arrivals are lovingly crafted from 100% certified organic cotton to be reliably leak-proof, suitable for anyone that bleeds.

Here we chat to Laura on her cycle, trialling our new Bikini Cut Period Briefs, layering up products to find the best period routine, and the role movement plays in her PMS management.

Laura in our Bikini Period Briefs (Size M).

How long have you been using TOM Organic period care products and what makes them work for ‘how you period’? 

Laura: I have been using them for 8 years now and haven’t looked back. I love knowing that by choosing TOM Organic, I am making a conscious choice. I also love that they have products to support me across my whole cycle, from tampons to reusables, like their period cup and period undies.

So what was it like using TOM Organic Bikini Cut Period Briefs for the first time and why do you choose to wear them now?

Laura: TOM Organic’s Bikini Cut Period Briefs are a game-changer. They are so comfortable and make the days of my period so much easier. I love interchanging them with my Mid Rise Period Briefs. I find the new Bikini Briefs are perfect for the beginning and end of my cycle or as back-up protection, while the original Mid Rise Briefs are great for my heavier flow days and overnight.

Meg (left) & Laura wear the Bikini Brief. Shania & Ruth (middle) wear the Mid-Rise Brief.

How do TOM Organic’s new Bikini Cut Period Briefs help you do your period better?

Laura: They make everything so much easier. On the heavier days of my cycle I wear them with TOM Organic’s tampons or the Period Cup and they take away any worry of wondering if I am leaking at work or out and about (which makes such a difference as I have a really heavy period). They’re like a security blanket on the heavier days, and I also use them on their own on the lighter days or around the house. Better for me, and the planet.

Any recommendations for those trying briefs for the first time?

Laura: Try them at home to start with, so you can get comfortable with them and how they can work into your cycle. 

Laura and the TOM Organic Period Cup.

Periods are personal. What mix of period care products (briefs, tampons, cup) do you use for your own cycle and why?

Laura: For me, periods are about mixing and matching different products depending on where I’m at in my cycle. I have a really heavy period, so I often layer and use a mix of products. I use a combination of TOM Organic super tampons, TOM Organic period briefs (both the Mid Rise Period Brief and the new Bikini Period Brief) and their Period Cup

On the first few days of my period, I use super tampons with the period briefs if I’m at work, or if I am at home on the heavier days I use the cup and period briefs. On the lighter ‘end days’ of my period, I often wear the cup or the new Bikini Period Briefs on their own. I love that I can wear them all day without worrying about needing to change or leaking. Overnight I often use the original TOM Organic Mid-Rise Period Briefs – they’re so comfortable and leakproof!

What is your favourite way to exercise when you have your period? Is it different from normal?

Laura: The first few days I take it easy and opt for less intense exercise like KIC Pilates or yoga. Then I’ll turn up the intensity towards the end of my period when my energy increases with running or HIIT workouts.

Finally, any top period tips and tricks to make that time of the month a little easier?

Laura: I have a really heavy period so I always take it a little easier on the first few days of my cycle. I make sure I do some gentle movement, and always make sure I have some chocolate stocked up at home as I always crave it right before. On the first few days, I swear it actually helps with feeling better. 

Here’s a sneak peek from our latest campaign with Laura! Hear what she had to say about TOM Organic, her period and her go-to products: