Know the Difference: How Period Underwear Works

  • The Period Brief
  • June 24, 2020

Our period underwear is made from organic cotton, just like our tampons and pads.
But how does period underwear work?
Here’s our guide to choosing and using period underwear.

The TOM Organic 4-layer Period Brief, made with organic cotton.

We created our period underwear with two priorities in mind: accessibility and performance. And while it’s the only period underwear options made with organic cotton available in Australian supermarkets we’ve kept the price at a $15 RRP, well below the $25-$50 of most other options in the Australian market. 

Period underwear is a great sustainable, eco-friendly option for periods, and can be used alone or as part of a broader period care routine. If you’re wondering what is period underwear, whether it works or how you can use it as part of your period products, read on to learn more below. 

How does period underwear work? 

Period underwear looks and feels like underwear, but has been produced with extra layers of absorbent material to lock away liquid. Period underwear might appear to be the same on its surface, but different brands and fabrics will hold different amounts of fluid and offer varying levels of support during your period. 

As a period brand going into making underwear, we may not be experts in fashion but we are experts in absorbency, and we were committed to making a great product that was higher performing and more accessible than other options out there.

Our Period Brief has four-layer technology to keep you dry, fresh and clean. The interior and exterior layers are both made from organic, moisture-wicking cotton, then there are two middle layers – one super absorbent to soak up liquid and one leak-resistant barrier to keep clothing stain free. Our Period Brief holds 2 tampons worth of fluid, but it still feels breathable and soft, with only organic cotton coming into contact with your skin. We knew a well-fitting brief was also important, so ours features a soft elastic leg and waistband, and flat internal seaming for comfort.

The Period Brief is available in AUS sizes 6 - 20

Who should use period underwear?

Period underwear is ideal for pad users, or as a backup for tampon and cup users – some of our team use period underwear on the first and last days of their period, or while playing sport. 

It’s also an easy product to use if you’re a teenager or new to having a period – it doesn’t look any different from your usual undies, and shouldn’t feel any different to wear either. We priced our Period Brief specifically to be more accessible, so more of you can give it a go and try something new for your period care options.

Our Period Brief is available in sizes 6-20 and made for a regular flow, absorbing and holding up to two tampons of liquid. The Period Brief is ideal to wear during the day, as well as overnight if you have a light to medium period. Ultimately, every person

and every period is different, so our advice is to try a few different options and period care product combinations to find what feels right for you. 

You can learn more and buy our Period Underwear here, or buy them from your nearest Coles location.