About Bloody Time: The Book

  • Inspire
  • April 30, 2019

When you were going through puberty, did you feel the stigma and shame around getting your period? Were you embarrassed to walk to the bathroom with a pad or a tampon in hand?

Period shame affects millions of women worldwide in a multitude of ways and The Victorian Women’s Trust is on a mission to blow the taboo off menstruation. After many years of researching, analysing data and writing about menstrual health, they’ve written a book set to change the way society thinks about periods, and it’s About Bloody Time.

This ground-breaking publication needs our support to get off the ground. As the Victorian Women’s Trust get ready to self-publish this book, they’re raising the funds through pre-sales and donations. Visit the link here to place an order online to help them reach their target of $15,000.

But before you do, here’s a little excerpt:

‘Women are reliable narrators of their own lives. We believe them when they tell us that their experience of menstruation and menopause has often been difficult, confusing, painful, embarrassing, and generally negative. We believe them when they say it is hard to talk about menstruation. But we don’t accept it has to be this way, because we can also see the menstrual cycle for what it is: an important biological process of the body that not only has the potential to create life but is a decisive indicator of overall physical health. Women and girls are trapped inside a deep paradox: the very thing that guarantees all human life is something they are asked to condemn as humiliating and disgusting.’


Written by forthright feminist Karen Pickering, and Australia’s most renowned menstrual educator Jane Bennett, About Bloody Time is essential reading for anybody with a body.