8 steps to creating achievable goals

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  • January 4, 2016
Image: Jan Kahanek

Every year we make goals, and every year we believe this year will be different; this year we will succeed; then sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t.

Here are some tips from our guest author Kemi Nekvapil to help you kick off your year with more success.

1. Be clear on what you actually want at this time in your life.

Sometimes we can pressure ourselves into following dreams that no longer serve us. Year after year, we unknowingly set ourselves up for failure because our hearts are not in the goal any more. Get clear on what you want now.

2. Write down your goals.

Writing down your goals and reading them at least once a week will have a big impact on your success rate.

3. Focus only on three main goals for six months.

It is better to succeed at three goals that you are committed to than many which leave you feeling like an overwhelmed failure. If you are overwhelmed with goals, they will never get off the ground.

4. Start Small.

The human spirit thrives on success. Set yourself goals that are achievable; then, as you build your success muscle, aim higher.

5. Share your goals.

One of the most important factors to achieving your goals is sharing them with people in your life that you trust. Just by being vulnerable and sharing your dreams with trusted friends, you will create an energy of support and possibility around you.

6. Find a mentor or coach.

Somewhere in the world, someone has already achieved what you want to achieve. Seek these people out. A good mentor will share their advice and personal experiences with you, as a way to motivate and inspire you. A good coach will ask powerful questions and create with you a plan that will incite personal breakthroughs and powerful action.

7. Ask for what you need.

All goals will need the support of others in some way or another. There are many goals that require only one action to get momentum going, and that is to ask others for what you need. Ask for a better relationship. Ask for more time. Ask for a raise. Ask for a discount. Ask for support. Ask for help. Ask. Ask. Ask.

8. Take Action.

Nothing will happen unless you do something. Action really does speak louder than words. If you want to achieve your goals, you are the only one that can make them happen. What a beautiful gift it is to own and create our own lives.
May this year be the year your dreams come true.

Kemi Nekvapil is the world’s leading authority on Raw Beauty. As a speaker, life-coach and author, Kemi has worked in the wellness industry for more than 20 years. Kemi runs events and retreats that transform the lives of women.

Kemi is the author of Raw Beauty – The 7 Principles to nourish your body, transform your mind and create the life you want.
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