Oct 25, 2021


Questions, questions and more questions. If you’ve never tried the period briefs before, then we completely understand where you’re coming from. There are a lot of unknowns. From how they work, to how to wash them, what the experience feels like. Below you will find literally every possible question to help you feel empowered to feel the difference.

What style of period briefs do TOM make?

We make reusable period briefs in two styles: mid rise and bikini. They’re available in eight sizes from 2XS through to 3XL and come in one colour: black. They are designed to fit and feel like your regular underwear. The mid rise is more of a full shape, hugging the hips up high, whereas the bikini is a classic lower cut.

Our mid-rise period brief is designed for heavy flow periods and can hold up to three tampons’ worth of liquid. Whereas the bikini period brief is designed for moderate flow periods and can hold up to two tampons’ worth of liquid. We recommend going up one size as the fit runs slightly small.


What are they made out of?

The body is 95% organic cotton, 5 % elastane. The internal absorbent layer is 85% cotton, 15% polyester. The leak-proof layer is made from PUL (Polyurethane laminate fabric). The waistband is elastic.

How do they work?

It all comes down to the clever absorbent section that’s made up of four layers. Let us break it down for you:

Layer 1: Is breathable super-soft organic cotton. That’s what sits against your skin and what you can feel.

Layer 2: Absorbs the period blood and locks away the moisture so that you don’t feel any wetness. To keep you feeling fresh.

Layer 3: Is the water resistant and leak-proof barrier.

Layer 4: Soft organic cotton again. To make it feel soft and comfy.

Do they seriously work?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Yes, if they’re worn correctly. Which means discovering the right size and style for you depending on your flow, making sure they’re changed at the right time (which should be no longer than 8 hours max).

How much liquid do the briefs hold?

Mid-rise = 3 tampons.

Bikini = 2 tampons.

Most people think that they lose quite a significant amount of blood throughout their menstrual cycle. It might seem small, but on average a woman will lose around a shot glass (2-4 tablespoons) worth of fluid each month.

Are the undies suitable for heavier period days?

Yes, absolutely. The mid rise style can be worn on heavy flow days. And our bikini brief is a brilliant solution as a backup product when worn with a cup or tampon on heavier days, too. Think of it as a reusable alternative to a liner.

How long can you wear them for?

It depends on your flow and the absorbency of the period underwear that you wear.

They’re also perfect for overnight. Put a fresh pair on before you go to bed and you can have confidence that you won’t leak on your bed sheets. Then change them when you wake up in the morning.

You will be able to wear briefs for longer than a tampon or a pad because they hold more liquid.

What is the solution if you are out all day and have to change? How would you go wearing these at work? Do you take a second pair to change into?

If you’re going to be out all day then you will need to plan ahead. You will need to bring a fresh pair of briefs to change into, along with a waterproof bag to place the used pair into.

Do they leak?

Short answer: no, not if you wear the best style for you and for no longer than eight hours.

Longer answer: If you wear your briefs for longer than eight hours, for example, if you have a heavy flow and accidentally leave them on for 24 hours then, they may leak in that case because that’s not what they were designed for. If you wear them as directed, they should not leak.

Will I feel like I’m on a period waterfall when wearing them?

No. You feel the outer layer of the brief on your skin. Which is just like any other underwear: breathable organic cotton and extremely soft and comfortable.

When do you wear the brief and do you wear them in tandem with other products?

There are myriad uses of the period briefs: depending on the style, they can be worn alone on heavy flow days. They can also be worn as backup protection in tandem with tampons or the cup.

Another period pro tip: if you’re spotting, then they give you full confidence. Also, if you’re recovering postpartum and spotting, then these are a great choice. If you’re experiencing other light leaks from pelvic floor trauma then these could be a game-changer for you as well.

Do you wear them under leggings or are they too visible?

Both our briefs come in black only, and they feel similar to other non-period underwear. Both styles have flat seaming for a seam-free look under clothing, although they’re not a completely seamless brief (watch this space!).

Do they smell? How can you stop the smell?

Your period briefs should not retain a scent if cared for properly. Pro tip: rinse them as soon as you take them off. You can also soak them in a vinegar/water mixture prior to laundering too.

Does blood just sit there all day? Can you feel it?

No, it does not. The only feeling you will experience is the soft, breathable cotton outer layer. The internal layers hold the moisture and you will be completely unaware of the liquid within the brief.

How do you wash after use?

It’s super-easy: rinse in cold water then pop into a machine, wash on a delicate cycle, and air dry on the clothes line. We recommend drying them in direct sunlight as this helps to kill any nasty bacteria hiding in the materials. If you’re searching for inspiration, this video shows the step-by-step guide to washing them. It also helps to wash them in a delicates bag and makes it easier to find them in your load.

Why can’t you tumble dry them?

The leak-proof material within the briefs, PUL, cannot be exposed to heat as it will melt and change the shape and efficacy of the brief. If you accidentally pop them in the dryer, don’t worry they should be fine, just try to avoid doing it too regularly.

How should I store them between periods?

Once clean and dry, they can be stored away in the drawer with your other underwear. We recommend storing them in their own section —maybe even their own soft bag — just in case you have multiple pairs of black underwear and they might be hard to find when you need them most.

How long do they last for?

They will last for at least 40 washes, if cared for.

How much do they cost and where can I find them in store?

Both the mid-rise and bikini period brief styles are $15 each and can be purchased directly online here. They’re also stocked at most Coles locations alongside other period care items, as well as some pharmacies. See the full list of stockists here. Something to highlight is that our briefs are extremely affordable and accessible to all, considering the other options in the local Australian market.

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